The Xianning News Network, supervised by the Xianning Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, published an article on April 8th highlighting the importance of data centers to a digital economy. In the article, the network also provided an explainer on Building Digital China:

The 14th FYP for National Informatization has a clear meaning … informatization has entered a new stage of accelerating digitalized development and Building Digital China.”

The single sentence continues: “This is the inherent requirement to adjust to the changing circumstances of the New Development Stage, seize opportunity from the Information Revolution, build new national competitive advantage, and accelerate building a Modern, Socialist Great Power.”

And more: “This is the road we must follow to implement the New Development Concept, seize the strategic initiative in promoting High Quality Development, promote building the New Development Pattern, and build a modern economic system.”

The Xianning Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department packed a lot into one sentence but it serves to illustrate the strategic and ideological scope of the Digital China concept.