Metaverse is a “hot topic” in China, and kids don’t know enough about what it is, why it exists, and where it is going…

Hebei News Network, April 11, 2022

The China Translation and Publishing House just offered a solution to this “knowledge” problem that will help kids “get grounded in the New Era.”

The book, “Telling Children about the Metaverse: A Pass to Unlock the Future,” will “help children gradually understand virtual reality and the metaverse.” Kids will begin “to image the world that will emerge from the metaverse and think more about how to develop virtual reality technology, … deal with possible issues that might emerge, … and how to create a safe and happy future in the metaverse age.”

It goes without saying that this is all about responding to central direction to “cultivate digital talent,” but the book is actually pretty cute.  I wish it was available in English.  Hey, there’s an idea for somebody!

Image Source: China Translation & Publishing House