Maritime 5G construction supports… China’s “Maritime Great Power” national-level strategy.

Regional mobile communications vendors in China are reporting “initial success” in providing 5G maritime coverage reaching as far as 75km into the “distance seas” off China’s coast. Similar to efforts underway in the United States, China’s maritime 5G systems use ultra-high 5G base stations operating in the 700MHz frequency band. Here’s a few examples of these efforts:

Guangdong Mobile is concluding testing on a newly-constructed maritime network offering 5G coverage in the “near seas” off the cities of  Shanwei, Zhanjiang, Shantou, and Zhuhai. The new Guangdong Mobile system will also provide full 5G coverage in the Qiongzhou [Hainan] Strait and digitally upgrade the waterway between Zhanjiang Xuwen (Smart) Port and Haikou New Seaport in Hainan.

Rizhao city in Shandong already operates a 5G maritime network extending 55km into the Yellow Sea.  Network installation and operation is a cooperative effort between Huawei, Rizhao Mobile, and Rizhao Radio and Television.

Weihai city, located on the Jiaodong peninsula in eastern Shandong province, operates a maritime 5G network in the Bohai Gulf providing coverage 25km into the “near seas” but also “meets a requirement” to provide 5G coverage as far as 80km into the “distant seas.”

China’s maritime 5G construction supports infrastructure-driven development of China’s Smart Ocean (Ocean Industry), Smart Ships, and Smart Ports projects – all “ways” in China’s “Maritime Great Power” national-level strategy.

5G is a New Type Infrastructure sub-category within China’s comprehensive digital strategy, Digital China.