[PRC Ambassador to Nigeria] Cui Jianchun said that as an important initiative to carry out projects on digital innovation and capacity building, [this Huawei agreement] has powerfully deepened cooperation between our two countries on the digital economy.  [It also has] great significance in further stabilizing and deepening practical cooperation between China and Nigeria in various fields.


Huawei Corporation and Nigeria Sign Talent Development Cooperation Plan,” People’s Daily Online, April 4, 2022

Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on “ICT Talent Development Cooperation” (“ICT人才发展合作”谅解备忘录) with Huawei Nigeria on April 25th. According to the agreement, Huawei will provide information and communication technology (ICT) training to 30,000 Nigerians through 4 core ITC projects: Huawei ICT Academy (华为ICT学院), ICT Talent Cultivation (ICT人才培养), ICT Competition (ICT大赛), and ITC Double Selection Meetings (ICT人才双选会). These core Huawei projects will enable the establishment of more than 300 ITC academies in universities and colleges across Nigeria.

According to the Huawei website, “Huawei ICT Academy is a partnership between Huawei and Academies around the world. Through this partnership, Academy delivers Huawei ICT technologies training, encourages students to get Huawei certification, and develops talents with practical skills for the ICT industry and the community.”