“At the same time, the 19th Party Congress report … proposed to accelerate the construction of an innovative type country, and to provide strong support for the construction of a Cyber Great Power, a Digital China, and a Smart Society. Today, the digital economy has become a new highlight and new engine of China’s economic development, and it has also attracted worldwide attention, providing the world with a “China model” for the development of a digital economy.”

同时,十九大报告 … 提出,加快建设创新型国家,为建设网络强国、数字中国、智慧社会等提供有力支撑。如今,数字经济已经成为中国经济发展的新亮点、新引擎,同时也引发世界瞩目,为世界提供了数字经济发展的“中国样板”。

Digital Economy Gives the World a ‘China Model‘,” People’s Daily, November 29, 2017

People’s Daily published an article on November 29, 2017 describing the progress made in China on building a digital economy, a digital society, and a digital government. This success offers a new “China Model” to the world. The article adds that Australia, France and other countries have expressed interest in China’s digital government services technology, demonstrating that “China is undoubtedly at the forefront of the world” in the construction of smart cities and digital government services.