Since the 18th Party Congress, Xi Jinping, General Secretary, State Chairman, and CMC Chairman, has visited many places to inspect informatization construction, emphasizing the need to accelerate Build Digital China to better serve our country’s economic and social development and improve people’s lives.

党的十八大以来, 中共中央总书记,国家主席,中央军委主席习近平多次赴地方考察信息化建设情况, 强调要加快建设数字中国, 更好服务我国经济社会发展和人民生活改善。

People’s Daily Online, “Graphic: Build ‘Digital China’ General Secretary Xi Jinping Laid It Out This Way,” October 13, 2020

People’s Daily Online publishes an informational graphic on October 13, 2020 highlighting Xi Jinping’s informatization inspections in support of Digital China to the Hangzhou City Brain Operations Command Center on March 31, 2020; the Inspur Group High-End Fault-Tolerant Computer Production Base in Jinan on June 14, 2018; the Hainan Provincial Government Affairs Data Center on April 13, 2018; and the Guiyang City Big Data Application Demonstration Center on June 17, 2015. The graphic also highlights quotes by Xi Jinping on Digital China’s role in promoting economic and social development, advancing modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities, and meeting the people’s growing need for a better life. The graphic was also designed to promote the Third Digital China Construction Summit held in Fuzhou between October 12-14, 2020.

Note on Terminology: “Build Digital China” is a Communist Party term of art (or tifa) tied to the exhortation to implement the Digital China strategy. It is often expressed simply as “Digital China.” In full form, the term of art is expressed as “Accelerate Digitalized Development and Build Digital China” (加快数字化发展 建设数字中国). This term of art has appeared in central documents including the 14th Five-Year Plan and it is referenced regularly in state-run media. The two components of this tifa, “Accelerate Digitalized Development” and “Build Digital China,” are often referenced individually.