China Mobile Activates the “First Island Chain Distant Seas 5G Network” for oceangoing ships on 15 February.

I’m at sea now, and the video call is very clear!” On February 15, China Fisheries 32550 entered distant seas from Haimen District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. The captain was communicating with colleagues on China Mobile’s 5G network about the details of his work. Relying on the Apstar 6D satellite and on-board satellite stations, China Mobile activated the “First Island Chain Distant Seas 5G Network” for the first time in our country. [The network] realizes all-weather, no-blind zone 5G network communication for oceangoing ships in our country’s first island chain.


5G Reaches the First Island China for the First Time,” People’s Posts and Telecommunications, February 17, 2023, Page 1.