Digital China Wins the Future

Illuminating "Digital China" with original Chinese-language sources

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This bibliography includes a selected list of PRC published Chinese-language research papers (academic, think tank, and personal) and PRC Chinese-language commentaries (with a focus on authoritative or quasi-authoritative party commentary) on the “ends, ways, and means” of Digital China. The list is arranged chronologically. Questions, comments, additions, and corrections are welcome! Please contact me at

Graphic: Building "Digital China" General Secretary Xi Jinping Laid It Out This Way (图解: 建设“数字中国” 习近平总书记这样布局), People’s Daily Online (人民网), October 13, 2020 Tags: DC IFMZ. Archive. See also, Building Digital China: General Secretary Xi Jinping Laid It Out This Way

This People's Daily Online graphic highlights Xi Jinping's informatization inspections in support of Digital China to Hangzhou, Jinan, Hainan, and Guiyang; and includes quotes by Xi on Digital China's role in economic and social development, modernization of the national governance system, and meeting the people's need for a better life.
"Digital Fujian is the Ideological Origin of Digital China" (数字福建是数字中国的思想源头), Guangming Daily (光明日报), Page 1, April 23, 2018 Tags: DC IFMZ SI Archive | Translation

This Guangming Daily article was one of the lead-offs in a wide domestic education and propaganda campaign that primarily served to connect Xi Jinping personally to the origin of the Digital China concept. The article remains a key source of Chinese Communist Party narratives on Digital China. The article also places heavy emphasis on Governor Xi Jinping's "guts and courage" to take charge and drive informatization personally in Fujian province.