Digital China Wins the Future

Illuminating "Digital China" with original Chinese-language sources


This working aid includes a selected list PRC national-level party and/or government documents related to the “ends, ways, and means” of Digital China. Some provincial/regional-level and local-level documents will be also included based on national significance. Additional lists of provincial/regional/local-level documents may be added in the future based on level of interest. Questions, comments, additions, and corrections are welcome! Please contact me at

Cyber Great Power
  • 130728 CCP Central Committee, [World Class Cyber Great Power 世界一流网络强国] Archive | Translation |
  • 130403 Zheng Bijian, “Face the Challenge With Comprehensive Planning; Strive to Build a World Class Cyber Great Power in Ten Years” (直面挑战 统筹经略 力争十年建成世界一流网络强国) Archive | Translation
Digital China
National Informatization