Digital China Wins the Future

Illuminating "Digital China" with original Chinese-language sources


This list of tags related to the ends, ways, and means of Digital China annotates a number of this site’s working aids. The tags are designed for convenience only and do not represent PRC-origin acronyms. Questions, comments, additions, and corrections are welcome! Please contact me at

Basic Systems for Data (BSD)
Cyber Great Power (CGP)
Digital China (DC)Digitalization (DGTZ); Informatization (IFMZ);
Five Sphere Integrated Plan (FSIP) Digital Cultural (DCUL); Digital Economy (DECO); Digital Environment (DENV); Digital Government (DGOV); Digital Society (DSOC)
Great Power (GP)Manufacturing (MGP); Transportation (TGP); Quality (QGP);
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
International Cooperation (COOP)Digital Silk Road (DSR);
Missions, Technical
National Data Bureau (NDB)
New Type Infrastructure (NTI)
NTI Tier 1 (NTI1)
NTI Tier 2 (NTI2)Computing Power Infrastructure (CPI);
NTI Tier 3 (NTI3)Industrial Internet (IINT);
NTI Ecosystems (NTIE)
NTI Projects (NTIP)Eastern Data Western Computing (EDWC);
PlansPlan for the Global Layout of Digital China Construction [GLDC]; National Informatization Plan (NIP); Party and State Institutional Reform Plan, March 2023 (PSIRP)
SequencesS1 (DC-CGP-SS); 
Smart EcosystemsEducation (SMED);
Smart Society (SS)